The Wall Street Journal:


“Insightful…Like a master butcher expertly trimming gristle from a prime cut, Ms. Zaraska is…at her best when slicing away the many myths that surround meat.” READ MORE HERE...


The Atlantic:


Read an excerpt here...


Discover Magazine:


"Thought-provoking and enjoyable, it's a book you can really, ah, sink your teeth into."


New Scientist:


"In Meathooked, Marta Zaraska takes on the task of unpicking why so many people – in the West, especially – seem to be addicted to meat. She finds that there is no easy answer: our taste for flesh is rooted in evolutionary history, dietary requirements, chemistry and taste, big business and the political power it wields, psychology and culture....Zaraska’s tone is light and she does well putting facts and figures to ideas."


Natural History Magazine:


"Meat has appeals beyond taste, which make it easier for advertisers to succeed and harder for carnivores to shake the habit. Perhaps becauseit is historically more expensive, meat has long been associated with luxury: a steak on the plate has the same cachet as a Rolex on the wrist. Meat is also associated with times of plenty, with feasting, and even with virility and sexual potency."


"[a] smartly reasoned book."




“[Meathooked] takes an informative look at the politics of meat, touching on how the treatment of animals has a huge effect on the taste and quality of their meat; exposing how the meat industry uses millions to advertise and lobby; and delving into why Americans do not eat dogs or horses…

[The book] features an engaging narrative that is easy to digest.”




The Washington Post:


"[Zaraska] has done enough research, and is a lively enough writer, that her arguments are original and entertaining, packed with tweetable facts and, often, pretty funny."