• Marta Zaraska

Meat Hunger Is Real for Some People, But You’re Probably Not One of Them

The Mekeo tribe of New Guinea say that hunger for plant-foods comes from the abdomen, while hunger for meat starts in the throat. Many hunter-gatherers across the planet have a special word for being hungry for animal flesh. The Mbuti of central Africa call it ekbelu, the bantu-speaking tribes talk of dyikioilu, and Sanumá Indians of Northern Brazil, of nagi` — a hunger that no amounts of cassava bread and bananas may satisfy.

Does that mean your craving for a steak or for a rasher of crisply fried bacon is a real physiological need? Not exactly. As of today, scientists haven’t found any compounds unique to meat that our bodies just can’t do without (and not for want of trying — the meat industry would be happy to see such results). Most likely, the hunger that the hunter-gatherers are talking about is all about protein. READ MORE HERE...

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